About us

We don’t know when a rod and line was first used on the river Nevern but we do know that the estuary was a productive Seine fishery for many many years and that poaching on the main river was practiced by many a farmer and local for the pot!

Around 70 years ago, locals started to fish the river seriously with rod and line. The late Will Bach, Captain Merlin Jones and Cliff Williams were some of the first who fished with rod and line, as apposed to net and Gaff. These visionaries proved that excellent sport could be had fishing the Nevern legally and a trend was set.

The Association was formed some 30 years ago when two smaller clubs amalgamated. Over the years, we have worked together to improve the fishing, creating pools where there were none, clearing obstructions, improving habitat and even re stocking from our native brood stock.  The Club is run entirely by local volunteers who all have a passion for fishing and a love of the Nevern.

Most of the fishing available is rented from riparian owners. Without their support there would simply be no Nevern Angling Association. We ask all members and ticket holders to respect the waters and consider others when fishing, especially at night when noise from car doors etc. can annoy residents.

Over the last 10 years or so, we have managed to purchase some of the fishing rights on the Nevern. We only managed this after a huge push to raise funds and we thank all those who helped.

The Association is committed to providing reasonably priced, sustainable fishing for all local and visiting anglers. We do limit our membership to prevent overcrowding but we do not impose residency conditions. Many of our members live outside the area and visit a few times a year.

Both day and week tickets are available throughout the season to visiting anglers. Where possible, we will show visiting anglers the water and give advice on tactics and tackle to use.

The committee meets every month to discuss club business and we hold an Annual General Meeting every year in February which is open to all members.

We regularly hold work parties on the river to clear obstructions and improve access. Please try and attend and help if you can. You will not only get to meet the committee but will no doubt learn something about the river and its hot spots. Work parties are listed under the events section.


You don’t need a big rod to fish the Nevern. A small spinning rod of about 7ft with 8lb line in fine for summer sewin. An 8ft or 9ft fly rod is ample for night sewin fishing. You don’t need to cast far and you certainly won’t need a double handed salmon fly rod anywhere on the Nevern!

When fishing for salmon a 10ft fly rod is ample with 10lb line and an 8ft spinning rod is adequate also with 10lb line.

Rapala lures and Mepps spinners are popular for both sewin and salmon.

For night fishing with fly, a size 10 teal blue and silver on the point fly with a butcher on the dropper is a good starting point, fished on a floating or slow sink tip line.

Try a shrimp fly for the salmon at dusk and dawn or after fresh water.

Good luck!