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Secretary’s Blog- 2017

Happy New Year! There is a lot happening this year. Possible new By-laws, NRW Licence fee hikes, NVZ’s, Brexit and Trump! Hopefully, fishing the Nevern will be a tranquil escape from all the madness.

This years AGM will be held in the Salutation Inn on Tuesday the 7th February at 8pm. All members are welcome. The agenda can be found under club news.

Have you submitted your catch return? Only half of the members have done so. These are important and we need the figures to know how well the river is doing. Its a condition of membership and you wont be able to re-new your membership if you haven’t submitted yours. Please send yours to the Membership Secretary ASAP if you haven’t already done so.


We held our AGM last night. Nothing much to report. There was a good turn out considering the weather. Some news. I asked NRW for an update regarding the proposed new by laws on compulsory catch and release for Salmon. I was told that they would NOT be coming in during the 2017 season. That’s a relief for us on the Nevern. We are already doing well with voluntary catch and release and hopefully this will continue whilst stocks are at risk.

It’s time to pay your subscription for this season. There is now a waiting list to join so you must pay by the 1st March if you want to secure your membership!


Not long to wait now before we can fish again! We have had some good floods in the last month. Enough to wash out the river, and not too big so as to damage any redds. Its been quite cold too. Hopefully, just what the fish need at this time of the year. Now is the time to think about getting your NRW licence, clean and grease those reels and get some new mono line. Spinning line should be renewed every couple of years. It degrades in light and slowly weakens over time. I remember a good friend going out on the first day of the season many years ago, after trout I believe. His line hadn’t been changed in many years, but that was ok, because he was only after Trout. On his first cast, a large spring salmon took his spinner and proceeded to head back to sea! The fight was short and not sweet.


All the waiting is over and the new season is with us at last! March was a very wet month here in west Wales. Opening day saw the river bank high and not many people ventured out. I haven’t heard any reports of fish caught, let me know if you know otherwise. There is always a chance of a Blue back salmon at this time of the year. These fish are late run Salmon, entering the river in January and February and spawning in the lower river before returning to the sea. This all normally takes place out of season, but occasionally they run late and we get the odd fish still in the river in April. If you are luck to hook one, remember that you must return it safely to the river.

We are having a work party on Saturday the 29th April. Meet at Pwll David (lower river) at 10am. Don’t forget your sandwiches and a flask of tea!


I had a report of pollution on a small tributary running into the Nevern, just above Nevern village. NRW are investigating and so far it appears no fish were killed. This was apparently farm slurry again (surprise, surprise). The river is low at the moment so it’s more vulnerable to such incidents as there is less volume to dilute any pollutant. Please report any such incident immediately on the NRW hotline. Take photos and a sample of the water in a clean container if possible. Also, let someone on the Committee know as we now belong to Fish Legal and have support from them in such incidents where there is damage to fish stocks.


We had a productive work party on Saturday to clear the paths down at Pont Newydd. We put in two new styles and opened up a considerable stretch to make fishing more accessible. This section of water is under fished and well worth a try, especially early in the season. It’s just above the tidal reach and therefore fishes well as fresh fish move into the river.

Work Party 29/4/17

Work Party 29/4/17

Working Hard

Working Hard


Finally, some decent rain! I was starting to worry that we were in for another drought year! April was very dry, hardly any rain and the river was very low at the weekend. A few sewin have been seen in the lower river, but they were few and far between. Anyway, it rained heavily yesterday and the river was good and high last night. Further rain this morning should put the river in fine fettle by this afternoon. Coupled with fairly high tides and we should see some good fishing from now on. The big sewin run at this time of the year. They are not easy to catch but well worth it if you get one.

Nevern bridge at 4pm today

Some news! We have some new fishing, on the Teifi! It’s the same stretch we rented a few years ago, near Llechryd. I’m in the process of marking up a map for the website. We have some work to do there, strimming and clearing plus signs. I will keep you updated. It’s a good stretch in low water, just above the tide. Nice for sewin fishing at night.


The map for the new fishing is now on the Fishing page. Had a walk there today and its looking really good. The fields have just been mowed and its a lovely place to spend an evening fishing!

Parking for llechryd water


The rain came on Monday and the river ran bank high again. A good few fish were seen yesterday, some hooked and lost mainly on rapalas. The river was clear enough for night fishing last night and Nathan Probert took a fantastic Sewin of approx. 12lbs on a needle tube. The fish was 33″ long and very fresh. Well done Nathan and congratulations for returning such a good fish! We all need to take note and follow his example.

Nathan with his 33″ Sewin

I have also been informed that Phil Lewis landed a fresh Salmon of about 12lbs this afternoon whilst spinning at White Rock. The fish was safely returned. This would appear to be the first reported Salmon this season. Well done Phil!


We have been making our hay so I have missed out on some good fishing! The rain came at about the right time and then some warm weather, providing some very good sport. Several Salmon and some cracking Sewin were taken as the river dropped last week. Phil Lewis returned three Salmon in two days up to approx. 15lbs! The night fishing then kicked in and some great fish have been taken on the fly. Its now a little too hot but we are forecast cooler weather and some rain in the next few day. The Sewin are spread from the middle river down, with a few being seen in Crosswell. Tight lines.


We have two work parties scheduled. The first is this Friday on the Teifi stretch. Meet in the parking Lay by at 11.30am. Bring a strimmer (if you have one), protective clothing and a packed lunch. We will be opening up access points and clearing the paths on this day.

The second work party will be on Saturday at 10am in Nevern. We will be strimming from Pwll Tro up to Pwll Jack. Bring your own strimmer, protective clothing and lunch. Rob has promised to buy everyone who comes a drink in the Trewern afterwards!

Some good sewin being taken on the fly at night. I packed up early last night as the moon was bright but Mark Edwards and Nathan Probert persevered and did well taking fish of around 7lb and 6lb (both returned as usual).


We have had another two small spates since I wrote last. The night fishing has been quite good. The small shoal sewin arrived in fairly good numbers around the middle of the month and are moving up river slowly, mainly at night. The river is holding up well. Some fresh Salmon are about too! The Teifi beat is fishing well too. Let me know if you have been successful there. Get out now if you can as we are in the cream of the season. Tight lines!


Welsh Assembly Government have reopened the debate on access to inland waterways. They have launched another consultation process on the subject and we have until the 30th September to respond. I suggest you read up on the subject here:-

I will be submitting our concerns on behalf of the Club but I strongly recommend you also do so as an individual.


Where did the summer go!

Fishing of late has been a bit slow. We really need a good flood to get things going and the rain over the weekend wasn’t really enough. September is Salmon time on the Nevern. However, they need the rain to really get going. Not that a few good ones haven’t already been caught. Rob Williams (our Chairman) had a great fish of 14 1/2 lbs in Pwll Merlin last month and a good number have been landed by other members as well. We will have to wait until the catch returns come in to see what type of season it has been, but from what I hear so far, it looks like it will be quite a good one.

Natural Resources Wales have launched their consultation process with regards to Salmon protection measures. You can find the full details if you follow the link below

Link to NRW Docs


I will be submitting a response on behalf of the Club but I strongly urge you to submit your views as an individual fellow Angler.

Let me know your views before the end of the month so I can include in my response.


I spent the afternoon on the Teifi yesterday. I dusted off my double handed fly rod and fished the run on our new stretch down to the pumping station pool. It’s not easy wading and quite fast, so take care! I didn’t catch anything or sea any Salmon but the water was perfect for the fly and its a lovely run with some very fishy looking spots at the head of the pool.  There was also a constant hatch of yellow upwing flies (I think Olives) and some nice Trout were rising to them. In all, a pleasant afternoon. Also, watch out for the very deep mud as you come out! Best walk back up and exit where you get in. Has anyone had any luck on this stretch? Let me know if you have.

Teifi stretch 7/9/17


Wow, we had some rain on Friday! The river was bank high and unfishable on Saturday. Yesterday afternoon the river had dropped to a nice height and was clearing off. Perfect conditions! I was amazed that I didn’t meet anyone else fishing. I had a good day! Three small sewin, all past their best and all returned, a lovely fresh Salmon of about 9lbs (also returned) and a nice trout of just under a pound (which I kept for supper). I also turned countless other sewin and three other salmon, one a whopper. The Teifi valley had even more rain and should be about right today at Llechryd. Tight lines.


Rain, rain, rain and more rain! It’s some years since we had such a wet summer and Autumn. As such, the fishing surprisingly hasn’t been so great. The night fishing for sewin wasn’t brilliant as often the river was coloured or too high. The day fishing was very good at times, but the fish could run whenever they wanted and have headed straight high up the river (where not many venture). We will have to wait until the catch returns come in before we know how good or bad it actually was. And still a few days to go yet. It’s raining hard again now so there is still a chance of a few fish before the season closes.

There is still time to let me know your views on the proposed new By-laws. These suggested new laws will have a big effect on your fishing for at least the next ten years so please voice your opinion now, either directly to NRW or via me and our Club response.

It will soon be time to grease up our reels and put them away for the winter. That also means that it will be time to submit your catch return! Its a condition of membership and very important for the Club to maintain accurate records. If you fished on the Teifi stretch and were successful, please include this on a separate piece of paper. Date, size of fish, method and if released will suffice for this year.


This is very important! Follow the link below to sign up to the petition on Anglers rights in Wales. We, as a Club have submitted our views to NRW regarding the proposed new By-Laws. We are opposed to the proposals as we feel they will put many Anglers off fishing all together and they fail to address the root causes of fish stock decline. Last year, Nevern Anglers took a total of 7 salmon from the river. How many were taken by illegal nets and how many juvenile fish were killed in farm pollution incidents? Follow the link and sign up now!


Very few catch returns have been received so far. It’s a condition of membership, even if you had a nil return. Please submit yours ASAP if you haven’t already done so. Please send them or e-mail them to Elfed Lewis, our membership secretary. Thanks in anticipation.