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Secretary’s Blog- 2022

Happy New Year. Tight lines everyone.


An angler’s brief guide to the introduction of new salmon and sea trout byelaws
River Nevern
All salmon must be released with minimum injury and delay
Salmon season – 1st April to 17th October
Fly 1st April – 17th October
Spin 1st April – 17th October
Worm No worm fishing
Shrimp and Prawn 1st September – 7th October
Sea trout
All sea trout caught prior to the 1st May to be released with minimum injury and delay
All sea trout greater than 60cm to be released with minimum injury and delay
Worm fishing is only allowed for sea trout with a single worm using a single barbless hook with a gape less than 8mm.
Please note that dates are inclusive
Sea trout season – 1st April to 17th October
Fly 1st April – 17th October
Spin 1st April – 17th October
Worm 1st May – 7th October
All hooks must be barbless or de-barbed
On artificial flies with a hook gape greater than 7mm, hooks are restricted to singles or doubles
On artificial flies with a hook gape 7mm or less, hooks are restricted to a maximum of two hooks with a total of four points between them
No treble or double hooks are permitted on lures used for spinning
Spinners and spoons can have only one single hook with a gape of 13mm or less.
Plugs can have a maximum of three single hooks, each with a gape of 13mm or less.
Shrimp and prawn fishing for salmon is allowed from the 1st September until 7th October with the use of a single treble hook with a gape of less than 7mm.
Further details of byelaws affecting the rivers in Wales, non-migratory trout, coarse fish can be found on the NRW fisheries pages.

Useful information for anglers:Angling Cymru – Angling Cymru

Coronavirus – guidance on access to green spaces

Angling Trust Covid-19 resource hub for advice on fishing in EnglandInstitute of Fisheries Management – Advice for Fisheries closed during the coronavirus pandemic

Have you submitted your catch return? These returns are vital for us to know what’s happening on the river. It’s a condition of membership and NO ticket will be issued this year unless you have done yours!

Subscriptions remain unchanged again this year.

17th May

It’s been a very dry spring. The river was dead low last week and I was getting worried. Now hopefully the weather pattern has changed. We have had a couple of days of rain and more is forecast. The river is taking it’s time to fill up as the ground is very dry but I’m hopeful there will be some good fishing soon. Large floods in late May can be very interesting, with the bigger sewin running. Not always easy to catch but really good fun trying.

June 2022

We had a small work party last week. A lot of trees came down in the storms last winter and it seems most of them ended up in the Nevern!

We started at Pwll Jack and pulled a massive tree out. We then moved down to Pwll Tanner. This is by far the worst pool and will take some considerable effort to clear. We got 50% done and will be back this week to finish off. We also cleared a branch out of Pwll Nica. Thanks To Peter Lloyd and Jeremy Collins for their help and machinery, without which we would still be struggling.


The river remained very low. There was a small rise after rain and a few sewin and salmon entered the lower river. Fishing conditions are not brilliant.


There are quite a few sewin in the lower river but its still very low and fishing conditions are difficult.

After no rise in Subscriptions for over 10 years, we have regrettably had to raise fees for next season. 2023 charges will be £110 for a season ticket, £30 for a day ticket and £60 for a week. Junior tickets will remain unchanged at £10 for a season.