River Conditions

River Conditions 

I aim to update the site as often as possible with the river condition. This is not always possible due to work and other commitments. Check the blog as well for news.

The Nevern is a true spate river and comes up and down very quickly after rain. Good overnight rain (1″ and over) will see the river in flood during the morning, fish-able with worm or spinner by lunchtime, with a fly in the afternoon and then clear enough by dusk for night fishing with the fly. Leave it too late and you will have missed all of the fun!

The winter of 2016/17 was pretty normal. A few good floods in November and some frosty nights in December gave good spawning conditions.

There is no Environment Agency monitoring station on the Nevern, but the river Taf rises in the same hills and gives a fairly good indication as to the level of the Nevern. The Taf monitoring station can be found at:-








2017 River Reports

April 2017 season started with a small spate. The river was good for fishing but I didn’t hear any reports of fish caught. It was then dry and the river ran low, very low by the middle of May. A few fish were seen moving at night at the start of May but the nights were very cold, with frosts and nothing was taken. Then on the 15th May, rain all day and most of the night put the river up. A good flood and a good clear out followed. Today (16/5) the river is high and clearing off. There should be good fishing from now on.

Over the weekend around the 10th June, there was almost 4″ of rain. A good flood brought fresh fish in. The river is still holding up well some 10 days later.


We had another flood last weekend. Both sewin and Salmon were seen running. Martin Dutton had a nice Salmon spinning at Felindre. The river has now dropped back and is good for the fly at night. There are some good big sewin about but the small shoal sewin are yet to appear in great numbers. They should appear in the lower river in the next week or so. Tight lines!


There were several small spates during July, keeping the river up and the fish running. The small shoal sewin arrived in fairly good numbers mid month and are now slowly moving upriver, mainly at night. Tight lines.

When to fish- guide

The river is rising during rain but still clear – This moment won’t last long but fish will move as the river rises and become good takers as they enter new pools. As soon as the water gets too dirty, the fish will stop running and the moment is over! Time to head to the Pub.

The river is in full flood (dirty with branches and leaves coming down) – have the day off or go sea fishing for Bass!

The river is clearing off after a flood – Get out and fish now. As the river clears, the fish start to move and become good takers when they arrive in new pools. This won’t last very long, sometimes only a few hours.

The river is clear – Night fishing is good if its mild (over 10c). Dawn is also good for Salmon and Sewin. You might be lucky and pick up a fish in faster water in the middle of the day.

Teifi – The river comes up more slowly and takes a day longer to drop. This gives a good chance of fishing both rivers at their peak if you time your visits correctly!

Teifi River Condition

The Teifi level can be found here http://rloi.naturalresources.wales/ViewDetails?station=4210

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