Club Rules

Club rules

The Club is committed to the conservation of the river, its habitat and maintaining fish stocks. A full copy of the Association Constitution is available from the Secretary. A summary of our club rules are shown below.

As well as holding a permit to fish, all anglers (12 or over) must hold a valid Environment Agency licence and at all times abide by EA bye-laws regarding closed seasons, catch limits, size limits, fishing methods and permitted baits lures and tackle. Click here to buy your EA licence on line.

The Nevern season opens on the 1st April but all salmon caught before the 16th June must be returned safely to the river. The Trout season ends on the 30th September, Salmon and Sewin ends 17th October. Worm fishing ends on the 7th October with fly and spinning only until the 17th. Anglers should not take gravid (ready to spawn) Salmon or Sewin from the river.

You must release the first salmon caught each season. You may keep the second (if in accordance with EA and other club rules), but must release the third and so on. This rule was introduced for the 2014 season following information that the Nevern salmon stocks are now classed as ‘at risk’ by NRW.

The club has an overall catch limit for each angler each season. For the 2015 season it is 12 Salmon and 25 Sewin. Please respect these limits as we feel they are generous and essential to help preserve fish stocks.

You must submit a catch return to the Membership Secretary at the end of the season.

Crosswell Club Rules

There are additional club rules that apply to the Crosswell water (both upstream and downstream at Crosswell bridge).

A catch limit of 1 salmon and 4 sewin per week. A week is defined as 12midnight Sunday to 12 midnight Sunday.

The water above Crosswell bridge is now open until the end of the season, but from the 1st October, ALL salmon must be returned.

Penwaun Water Club Rules

There are additional club rules that apply to the Penwaun water (upstream of Nevern Bridge, see maps for full details).

All hen Sewin over 5lbs to be returned.

Maximum of 2 fish per 24 hour period.

Worm fishing is NOT Permitted.


General Rules

Please take care to park in a safe position and do not cause obstruction.

When night fishing remember others are sleeping. Do not make noise on the riverbank or slam car doors, sound horns etc when leaving the river.

Angling courtesy should be observed at all times. Any fishing spot should be offered to another waiting angler after 30 minutes.

Dogs to be kept on a lead at all times. ~No dogs allowed above Crosswell bridge.

Please take your litter home. Do not discard tackle on the riverbank.

Float fishing is only permitted in the tidal waters.

You must return small trout/parr to the river unharmed. Do not worm fish with a small hook if you are likely to catch small trout/Parr and take care to carry a disgorger so that you can release small fish uninjured after removing the hook. Recommended minimum hook size when worming is 4.

Please immediately report poaching, pollution or suspicious activity using the Environment Agency ┬áhotline – 0300 065 3000

Please also report to a committee member so we can follow up.

Please report infringements of Club rules to a committee member as soon as possible.

Do not place yourself at risk and do not try to tackle poachers.