Our fishing is divided into seven main stretches

  1. The river above Crosswell bridge on the right hand bank.
  2. The river below Crosswell bridge on the right bank and left bank (as marked).
  3. The left bank above Felindre Farchog bridge.
  4. The right bank below Felindre Farchog bridge (after a short private stretch).
  5. The Penwaun water above Nevern bridge, both left and right bank in places (see map). This section has additional rules and catch restrictions (see rules).
  6. The left bank from Nevern bridge downstream.
  7. The left bank at Felin Newydd (tidal).

Left and Right banks are always looking downstream.

You will be issued with a map when you join or purchase a ticket. All maps are approximate. Fishing boundaries are marked on the river.



Crosswell Fishing

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Felindre Farchog Fishing

View Felindre Farchog Fishing Nevern Angling Association in a larger map


Nevern Bridge Upstream

View Nevern Bridge in a larger map

Nevern Bridge Downstream

View Nevern Bridge downstream in a larger map

Tidal Stretch

View Tidal stretch in a larger map


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